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An International IT Sales Conference
Organized by Sales Professionals for Sales Professionals

Date to be announced soon



This is just the conference you don’t want to miss!


who want to close more deals


that are eager to sell more


who want to build the right sales strategies


wants to increase sales









9 hours



We will bring together leaders in sales and deliver high-quality content from experienced sales specialists. You will get insights from those who closed tons of deals. You will get professional lifehacks from those who won many times in extremely difficult negotiations. Come and get valuable information from Top Sales Specialists, do not miss the opportunity to improve your sales!

Anton Fedulov

Founder of Sales Label, Co-Founder & CBDO at Neurons Lab

Lilia Udovychenko

Head of Sales at MLSDev, Founder of Deal Masters

Ilya Reinish

Head of Sales Department, LABA

Elena Lysykh

Mentor, Negotiating Expert


This is exactly the conference where you will need a pen and a notebook. A rich program, quality materials, and useful workshops are waiting for you. We guarantee that you will get tons of useful insights during the conference hours, and your notebook will turn into a gold mine of ideas!

9:00 - 9:45

Registration, Coffee, Networking

9:45 - 10:00

Opening Speech

10:00 - 10:50

Jan Keil

VP of Marketing at Infopulse, IT Compliance & Security Evangelist, Blockchain Project Advisor
Jan has a proven track record and more than 20 years of experience working in the IT industry. Currently working as VP of Marketing at Infopulse, Jan is a strong business development and marketing professional and received his education at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. As an experienced CEO, he previously ran several companies and start-ups, acted as interim manager for several international IT projects and well-known brands. In the past, he also run a security company focusing on biometrics and since 2015 he is heavily involved in Blockchain related project development.
Topic: “Marketing and the sales story: the beginning”
- Differentiation of the IT companies on the market
- How to be competitive
- How to create a competitive profile of your company on the IT market

10:50 - 11:40

Elena Lysykh

Mentor, Negotiating Expert
Negotiating expert, consultant of IT companies in handling conflict negotiations with clients, building open-team communications on projects, management communications.
She has 12 years of experience in getting top managers and business owners prepared for the most difficult negotiations. She has more than 120 negotiation cases in IT. Among her clients are such companies as Sloboda studio, Megacom, Global Digital Marketing Group,TEAM International, G5 Entertainment. Elena is a negotiation coach at Growth Factory and a Top speaker at the Outsource People conference.
Topic: “How to show the client that you are a business partner, and do not rent out the programmers”
- Why you should never answer the question "Tell something about yourself"
- How to present a company to stand out from the crowd of competitors
- What questions you should ask to turn a lead into your client
- How to talk about high rates without fear of losing a client

11:40 - 12:30

Anton Fedulov

Founder of Sales Label, Co-Founder & CBDO at Neurons Lab
Anton is an expert in sales of IT services as well as the author and organizer of the Sales Label in IT community. He has been in sales for more than 5 years and develops sales strategies with a focus on foreign markets. Has experience in building IT business from scratch: from start-ups to big IT companies.
Topic: “The modern world of IT sales: tools, approaches, costs”
- Appropriate sales team metrics
- Factors that influence the effectiveness of your sales team
- Development stages of a sales department and investment value
- Must-know in lead generation
- Good marketing or fair sales?
- Positioning of your sales department for clients

12:30 - 13:30


13:30 - 14:20

Lilia Udovychenko

Head of Sales at MLSDev, Founder at Deal Masters
7 years of IT sales experience and work with clients from the USA, UK, EU. Lilia has a marketing background. She lived and studied in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, for a year. She has experience in building marketing and sales processes from scratch, developing of inbound & outbound strategies.
Topic: “The art of following up”
- Why follow up?
- Types of clients (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, auditory digital)
- Model of following up based on the communication styles of your clients
- Frequency of following up
- Content and tools for following up
- How to follow up with debtors

14:20 - 15:10

Ilya Reinish

Head of Sales Department, LABA
10 years of experience in sales, expert in cold calling sales techniques, signed contracts with Martell, Bentley, Ulysse Nardin, Rolex, Rixos, Swarovski. Among his clients are such companies as Luxsoft, STB channel, Kyivstar, PocketBook, FONDY, Agrosem.
Topic: “The naked truth about objections”
- The most useful tips on how to handle customer objections efficiently
- The best way to explain how your solution could solve a customer problem
- 5 techniques for handling objections effectively
- How to turn an objection into an opportunity
- A step-by-step guide to handle an objection
- The practical guide to preparing your team for the win

15:10 - 15:40

Coffee, Networking

15:40 - 16:30

Wes Gleeson

Managing Director at Yellowblue, Sales and Account Management Consultant at Beetroot
20+ years of sales and service delivery experience, 8+ years in the tech services sector. Extensive experience selling and owning the delivery of services to B2B clients from all over the world. Founder at (Salesforce CRM and e-commerce projects and solutions), also Sales and Account Management Consultant at since 2016. Previously spent 5 years as account manager at Ciklum. Moved from native UK to Kyiv in 2009. Extremely passionate about helping people to get what they want and a firm proponent of the philosophy “everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear”.
Topic: “How to handle difficult clients”
- Common frustrations we have with our B2B clients
- Conflict resolution (taking the call):
       - Why your planning should be at least five times longer than the call itself
       - Leading the call without directly controlling
       - Active listening
       - Why your humility is paramount to the result
       - Commitment and follow through
       - Red flags to beware
- DO’s and DON’Ts of dealing with difficult clients

16:30 - 17:20

Maryna Nikitchuk

Director of Sales Development at Very Good Security, Regional Manager of Build Stuff Conference, BizDeva with 7 years of experience in IT
7 years of experience in the business development sphere gained in such companies as DataArt, Provectus, VGS. Created and conducts a course in Business Development, Sales & Marketing in IT on the IAMPM educational platform. Runs her own Telegram channel (BizDeva) about the workdays of a business development manager. Specializes in outbound lead generation, business development audit, account-based marketing.
Has experience of organizing conferences in London, New York, Munich and native Odessa (Data Summer Conf 2018).
Topic: “Sales of outsourcing services and a product. Is there any difference in approaches?”
- Lead generation and sales processes in a service company: process, tools, blockers, reward system
- Lead generation and sales processes in product company

17:20 - 17:30

Closing Speech

17:30 - 18:00

Q&A, Networking







We DO NOT promise to teach you to sell from scratch and magically set up your sales processes in just one day.

Instead, we promise to share high-quality content, which will definitely inspire you with the cool ideas on how to improve sales processes in your company.

We promise you to conduct quality workshops that will give you additional practical knowledge that you can start using right away.

We promise an intense, busy day that you will not regret.

And finally, we promise you a great networking opportunity, blast of positive energy, comfortable location and delicious lunch :)





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